Why Liza Burke Law?

A trusted, competent and resourceful lawyer

Liza Burke is an independent practitioner. Her current practice caters to those who value straightforward competence and communication. Image is not a factor of her practice and her clients do not pay for high end overhead. If a person is contacting Ms. Burke, it is because they have a real legal problem that needs serious, skillful and immediate attention.

Ms. Burke’s practice does not entail multiple layers of full time legal assistants or force a “team approach” with other expensive attorneys. With Ms. Burke, every time your file is picked up or you wish to talk about your case, you receive her undivided attention, her experience and her focus on your matter.

Custom tailored team for each case

When appropriate for the case and the client, Ms. Burke will pull together a team of individuals with skills tailored to the client’s particular case needs. Ms. Burke can and does readily contract and associate with other counsel, experts, investigators, social workers and skilled assistants. These individuals come from a dynamic list of other independent professionals and are selected according to suitability for the particular case or client need. In other words, together with her client, Ms. Burke can assemble the most effective “team” for each case when it would help achieve maximum results.

Ms. Burke’s practice is responsive, current and personalized based on a solid foundation of legal work in a variety of settings.

Reasonable Fees

Low overhead means manageable fees.  Most clients find that Ms. Burke’s straightforward, incremental approach to attorneys fees is manageable.