Why Us?

Experience = Competence

We have a combined 36 years of experience.  We have represented thousands of individuals facing accusations of wrongdoing.  We’ve learned from the mistakes we made in the first five years of our practice when we were new attorneys.  We are better because of those mistakes, but we won’t be repeating them with your case. More importantly, we’ve learned from our even greater number of successes. We know what we are doing and we do it well.

It’s Only About You

Our clients  are number one. Period.  We treat you and your case as we would if you were our own family member or friend.


You need to know what’s going on and to understand it. We strive to be accessible and to make an overwhelming or complicated  legal situation understandable so that out clients can make great decisions and feel in control of their lives.

Real World Solutions

We live in the real world and so we know that our clients’ tolerances and perspectives are different from ours.  As lawyers we love the opportunity to go to trial and fight.  But we recognize that not every client enjoys that ride or that cost. Our clients simply want the most effective path to solving their problem. Whether it’s trial, negotiation or some other strategy, we work whichever angle or angles to solve the problem.

Custom Tailored Approach for Your Case

When appropriate for the case and the client, we will pull together a team of individuals with skills tailored to the client’s particular case needs. We can and do readily contract and associate with other counsel, experts, investigators, social workers and skilled assistants. These individuals come from a dynamic list of other independent professionals and are selected according to suitability for the particular case or client need. In other words, together with her client, we can assemble the most effective “team” for each case when it would help achieve maximum results.

Our practice is responsive, current and personalized based on a solid foundation of legal work in a variety of settings.

Reasonable Fees

Low overhead means manageable fees. Most clients find that our straightforward, incremental approach to attorneys fees is manageable.