Juvenile Law
Domestic Violence


About You

We might work well together if:

You have just received a call from a detective asking that you call him or her back

You have received a summons to appear before municipal court, district court or superior court for a criminal charge

You have been served with a temporary domestic violence protection order, a temporary sexual assault protection order or a temporary anti-harassment order

You are the victim of domestic violence and you want someone to make your concerns, questions and needs the only priority.

You are a parent of a child who is being harassed or your child is being romantically pursued by an adult or much older person.

You are a parent who is alleged to have abused your child.

You are considering third party custody agreement or adoption as a result of a dependency proceeding.

CPS has called you and you want to know how to proceed

You have son or daughter who has been emergency expelled or suspended from school


You want an attorney who will treat you with respect and usher you through this challenging time with accurate information and a steadfast focus on achieving your best case scenario

You want an attorney who communicates with you regularly and honestly

You want an aggressive attorney who is willing to take your case to trial and do her best to win

You want an attorney with people skills who can strategize and effectively negotiate your way out of this situation with the opposing party, counsel or prosecutor.

You want an attorney who judges and commissioners have seen and respect

You want a creative thinker

You want an attorney who is comfortable with herself, with you and with your legal problem

You understand the starting point to solving your legal problem is finding the right lawyer for you and you want to find that lawyer and get started now.