Adult Felony Criminal Offenses

Dismissal – Adult Felony Domestic Violence Charge

Ms. Burke’s client was a man of financial means who married late in life and married a woman he knew little about. As the relationship began to unravel, the woman began to attack him physically. Despite a past history of 911 calls made by the man, he was arrested as a perpetrator of domestic violence based upon his wife’s word alone. Ms. Burke worked closely with an investigator and was able to reconstruct her past and document extensive instances of prior dishonesty. Ms. Burke was able to convince the prosecutor to drop the felony domestic violence charge against her client.

Dismissal – Adult Felony Sex Offense

Ms. Burke’s client was accused of raping a troubled teenage girl. Thorough background investigation into the girl and probing of her therapist who hypnotized her revealed numerous factors which undermined the girl’s credibility. After extensive discussion with the prosecutor and months of resistance, the prosecution dismissed the charge over the objection of the teenage girl and her family.