Adult Misdemeanor Criminal Offenses

Not Guilty Verdict – Adult Misdemeanor Assault on Cop

Ms. Burke’s client was a grandmother who had taken in her grandchild after the child’s mother was arrested. The police arrived at her door in the middle of the night with the child’s father. An argument with the police officer ensued and resulted in Ms. Burke’s grandmother client tossed to the floor of her own living room, bruised and needing oxygen. The police officer alleged her grandmother client assaulted him and she was charged with assault. Ms. Burke took the matter to trial and her grandmother client was quickly acquitted by a jury.

Dismissal – Adult Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Charge

Ms. Burke’s client was not a US citizen and was married to a woman who was also not a US citizen. His wife claimed extensive and regular abuse and torture of her. The prosecutor commenced the case firmly believing that the immigrant woman had been horribly abused and that the client should be both convicted and deported. After months of investigation, background work and negotiation with the prosecutor, Ms. Burke was able to convince the prosecutor that the domestic violence charge and allegations were fabricated and unfounded. The case was dismissed entirely.