Juvenile Criminal Offenses

Dismissal – Juvenile Animal Cruelty Charge

Client was a teenage boy with a stellar academic, family, social and athletic background. Neighbor’s dog was accidentally injured while the client was mowing the lawn. The neighbor and police rushed to judgment and performed a biased and inadequate investigation of the facts. The client was charged and the media was alerted. With the assistance of a skilled forensic investigator, Ms. Burke convinced the prosecutor that the case should be dismissed.

Reduction and Auto Decline Reversal – Juvenile Felony Robbery

Ms. Burke’s client was a teenage boy who was present with two other boys who allegedly acted in concert by threatening the man with a metal pipe and taking his property. He was charged with Robbery in the First Degree auto-declined to the adult system where he faced prison. By retaining an expert to track down eye witnesses and controvert other eye witnesses, Ms. Burke’s client was returned to the juvenile system where he received a six month period of probation followed by dismissal of the charge entirely.

Dismissal – Juvenile Felony Explosive Charge

Ms. Burke’s client was one of several teenagers who looked suspicious in a Bothell park. When the police officer approached him and his friends, he found a pipe bomb in a back pack. Legal research revealed that the officer’s detention and search of the teenagers was unlawful. Ms. Burke was able to convince the prosecutor of this and she agreed to grant Ms. Burke’s request that the felony charge be entirely dismissed.

Acquittal – Juvenile Felony Arson Charge

Three teenage boys allegedly burned down a porta potty with homemade napalm and the fire damaged other property to the tune of 20k. Ms. Burke prevailed in trial by 100% discrediting the police officer who took her client’s alleged confession. Without a confession, the State was not able to prove her client’s participation. He was found not guilty.