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Case Examples

These are just a few representative examples of different types of cases I have handled successfully:

Dismissal - Domestic Violence Protection Order Victim Representation

A local domestic violence victim's advocate broke up with her partner. The spurned partner obtained a temporary domestic violence protection order against the victim's advocate alleging that she assaulted him. Ms. Burke represented the victim's advocate in fighting his request and successfully argued that he was the abuser and she was the victim. Ms. Burke successfully argued that the parties should be realigned. As a result, HE, the original petitioner, walked out as the respondent restrained by a domestic violence protection order.

Dismissal - Domestic Violence Protection Order

A respected father was accused of raping a relative and was served with a temporary domestic violence protection order. Ms. Burke presented to the court the motivations for the alleged petitioner to lie in addition to evidence that proved her client could not have committed the crime. The court dismissed the petitioner's request for a protection order and charges were not filed.

Acquittals - Juvenile Sex Offense

Ms. Burke has represented several teenage boys charged with rape of a peer. In these cases, she has successfully argued in trial that the alleged victim was not credible. In each instance, she was able to present evidence that the physical manner in which the alleged victim claimed she was raped was not actually possible.

Dismissal - Juvenile Animal Cruelty Charge

Client was a teenage boy with a stellar academic, family, social and athletic background. Neighbor's dog was accidentally injured while the client was mowing the lawn. The neighbor and police rushed to judgment and performed a biased and inadequate investigation of the facts. The client was charged and the media was alerted. With the assistance of a skilled forensic investigator, Ms. Burke convinced the prosecutor that the case should be dismissed.

Dismissals - Juvenile Child Sex Offense

Ms. Burke has handled many child sex offenses in which she has negotiated the case to a non-sex offense which was ultimately removable from her  clients' records and thus, saved them from lifelong stigma, limitation and embarrassment.

Reduction and Auto Decline Reversal - Juvenile Felony Robbery

Ms. Burke's client was a teenage boy who was present with two other boys who allegedly acted in concert by threatening the man with a metal pipe and taking his property.  He was charged with Robbery in the First Degree auto-declined to the adult system where he faced prison. By retaining an expert to track down eye witnesses and controvert other eye witnesses, Ms. Burke's client was returned to the juvenile system where he received a six month period of probation followed by dismissal of the charge entirely.

Dismissal - Juvenile Felony Explosive Charge

Ms. Burke's client was one of several teenagers who looked suspicious in a Bothell park. When the police officer approached him and his friends, he found a pipe bomb in a back pack. Legal research revealed that the officer's detention and search of the teenagers was unlawful.  Ms. Burke was able to convince the prosecutor of this and she agreed to grant Ms. Burke's request that the felony charge be entirely dismissed.

Acquittal - Juvenile Felony Arson Charge

 Three teenage boys allegedly burned down a porta potty with homemade napalm and the fire damaged other property to the tune of 20k.  Ms. Burke prevailed in trial by 100% discrediting the police officer who took her client's alleged confession.  Without a confession, the State was not able to prove her client's participation. He was found not guilty.

Dismissal - Adult Domestic Violence Case

Ms. Burke's client was a man who had broken up with a girlfriend. On the heels of the break up, she called the police to report that he had harassed her and assaulted her.  He was charged with domestic violence assault and restrained by a no contact order from working at their common place of work.  Ms. Burke set the matter for at a trial and through comprehensive investigation was able to persuade the prosecutor that the only witness, the alleged victim, was a prolific liar. The prosecutor agreed with Ms. Burke's request that the charge be entirely dismissed. Her client avoided conviction, jail and, most importantly, he was able to resume his employment.

Dismissal - Adult Domestic Violence Case

Ms. Burke's client was a respected professional who tried to extricate himself from a past dating relationship. The ex-girlfriend had obtained protection orders against him when he went into court unrepresented by a skilled domestic violence attorney.  The ex-girlfriend then began to make claims that he violated the protection orders.  Through careful investigation and documentation of her background, Ms. Burke was able to convince the prosecutor that she was not credible and get the case entirely dismissed.

Not Guilty Verdict - Adult Misdemeanor Assault on Cop

Ms. Burke's client was a grandmother who had taken in her grandchild after the child's mother was arrested. The police arrived at her door in the middle of the night with the child's father. An argument with the police officer ensued and resulted in Ms. Burke's grandmother client tossed to the floor of her own living room, bruised and needing oxygen.  The police officer alleged her grandmother client assaulted him and she was charged with assault. Ms. Burke took the matter to trial and her grandmother client was quickly acquitted by a jury.

Dismissal of Adult Felony Sex Offense

Ms. Burke's client was accused of raping a troubled teenage girl.  Thorough background investigation into the girl and probing of her therapist who hypnotized her revealed numerous factors which undermined the girl's credibility.  After extensive discussion with the prosecutor and months of resistance, the prosecution dismissed the charge over the objection of the teenage girl and her family.

Dismissal of Adult Felony Domestic Violence Charge

Ms. Burke's client was a man of financial means who married late in life and married a woman he knew little about.  As the relationship began to unravel, the woman began to attack him physically.  Despite a past history of 911 calls made by the man, he was arrested as a perpetrator of domestic violence based upon his wife's word alone.  Ms. Burke worked closely with an investigator and was able to reconstruct her past and document extensive instances of prior dishonesty. Ms. Burke was able to convince the prosecutor to drop the felony domestic violence charge against her client.

Dismissal -Adult Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Charge

Ms. Burke's client was not a US citizen and was married to a woman who was also not a US citizen. His wife claimed extensive and regular abuse and torture of her.  The prosecutor commenced the case firmly believing that the immigrant woman had been horribly abused and that the client should be both convicted and deported.  After months of investigation, background work and negotiation with the prosecutor, Ms. Burke was able to convince the prosecutor that the domestic  violence charge and allegations were fabricated and unfounded. The case was dismissed entirely.

Dismissal Following Trial - Infant with Broken Bones Dependency

Ms. Burke's client and her partner had their 3 month old baby girl taken from them by the State of Washington when she was discovered to have over a dozen bone fractures in different stages of healing. The State was alleging that the child had been abused.  Ms. Burke and her co-counsel were able to successfully present evidence that the child had a likely medical condition that left her bones fragile and susceptible to fracture from normal handling. The State's number one child abuse expert was discredited and the dependency petition was dismissed.  The mother and father were reunited with their daughter after a yearlong fight.

CPS Child Abuse Investigation Closed as Unfounded

Ms. Burke's client was a father of a son who alleged his father assaulted him. The son's mother and client's former wife called CPS.  Ms. Burke presented evidence to both CPS and law enforcement showing the son's - hatred - for his father and his desire to live with his mother. CPS agreed that the allegation was unfounded and closed the file.  Ms. Burke also successfully prevented criminal charges from being filed.

Pre-filing representation Prevented Rape Charges from Being Filed

Ms. Burke represented a dentist under investigation for rape.  The police investigation was not thorough. Ms. Burke and her investigator found other witnesses who watched the alleged victim's behavior with the dentist and that suggested consensual activity. The prosecutor stated she would have filed the charge but for Ms. Burke's work.  The charge was not filed and the dentist's career and liberty was saved.

School Discipline Dismissed

A Seattle public school principal sought to expel Ms.Burke's client for alleged graffiti written on a bathroom stall.  A handwriting expert and gaps in witness testimony were presented by Ms. Burke. The hearing officer overturned the school principal's disciplinary decision and Ms. Burke's client was immediately reinstated at school.

Relief from Sex Offender Registration

Ms. Burke's client was headed to college and petitioned the court for relief from sex offender registration stemming from a juvenile conviction.  For no reason other than the fact that the client would be in a college setting, the prosecutor opposed the motion to relieve the client from his duty to register.  Ms. Burke presented evidence through experts that her client was no threat to community safety and should not be stigmatized on campus. The court agreed and relieved the client from his duty to register.